Every year we provide 1000 free haircuts for the homeless from our fit-for-purpose mobile Barbershop.  Instead of making the homeless come to us, we go to them.  


  • has its own generator for power, ensuring we can go anywhere anytime. 

  • is designed to ensure that the homeless receive quality grooming services in an authentic, retro barber atmosphere

  • is equipped with air-conditioning, a nespresso machine, and a bose sound system 

Something as simple as a haircut can help to restore our sense of dignity.  Having a regular haircut is something that most of us take for granted.  When your dossing in a hostel or your sleeping rough or couch surfing a haircut is often not high on your list of priorities which are dominated by finding food and shelter for the day.  Not only does how we feel influence how we look but the reverse is also true, how we look influences how we feel. 


Free Haircuts for the Homeless are provided n a rotation basis with coordination and help from a range of local service providers and community groups.

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