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99 New Beginnings - White.png
Transforming the lives of disadvantaged youth and the homeless through the
creation of shipping container based Barber Shops.

The 99 NEW BEGINNINGS project will open a series of not-for-profit, environmentally friendly, pop-up Barbershops made from re-purposed shipping containers.


The Barbershops will offer apprenticeships to disadvantaged youth, ensuring the receive the training and support they need to complete their trade.

Five reasons why we need the 99 New Beginnings Project

  1. Because youth unemployment is triple the rate of adult unemployment  

  2. Because youth homelessness and mental health issues are too high

  3. Because the project is self-sustaining - everyone needs a haircut

  4. Because Barbers are highly employable and in demand  

  5. Because life transformation is possible through gaining skills and a job

99 New Beginnings - White.png

Paying customers ensure the Barbershop is self-sustaining

and is able to subsidize the provision of the free haircuts

for the homeless.

Rather than the rental of traditional retail space, the Barbershops will be constructed from re-purposed shipping containers.  This ensures the Barber Shop is fit for purpose, minimal in size, has a reduced carbon footprint and is not a permanent structure.


As well as cutting the hair of the general public a compulsory component of the apprenticeships, will include the delivery of the ‘1000 Haircuts for the Homeless’ and the ‘Haircuts on the Ward’ projects.  The apprentices will have access to the mobile trailer to deliver these services within the community.

99 New Beginnings - White.png
Want to help us get the '99 New Beginnings Project' off the ground?
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