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The Jack Reed Foundation Business and Community Partners allow us to help make a difference and change lives. Their ongoing tremendous help allows us to be the change in the community we all wish to see. 


Jack Reed offers two different sponsorship levels, these being Foundation Sponsors and Project Sponsors. Both have three levels of sponsorships that provide multiple benefits to the sponsor. Our sponsors are able to make payments in the forms of; direct funding and provision of equipment and/or services. Sponsors are also welcome to use a combination of payment types! Become a sponsor and help make our projects a reality!

To find out more about becoming a sponsor, click the 'view more' button!


The Jack Reed Foundation is never at a shortage of volunteers! Our volunteers allow us to do things for the community that we wouldn't be able to do without them!


Some of our volunteering areas (but are not limited to) include; barbering, fundraising/marketing, working bee/construction, project management, admin/finance and videography or photography.


To find out more about becoming a volunteer, click the 'view more' button to fill out an application!


Your generous donation will help make a difference in a young persons life! Every donation over $2 is tax deductible. 

Click 'view more' to donate.

In Your Workplace!

There’s lots of ways to get your workplace involved:

  • Make the Jack Reed Foundation your charity of choice for the month and gather donations 

  • Host a workplace event to raise funds 

  • Challenge your organisation to match the money staff raise 


Become a Jack Reed member and receive newsletters, exclusive invitations and more! Here at Jack Reed we offer 3 levels of membership; Associate Member, Organisational Member and, a Full Member. Each level has an array of different benefits! 

To find out about becoming a member, click the 'view more' button!


In Your Community!

There’s lots of ways to get your community involved:

  • Host a trivia night 

  • Host a community event 

In Your School!

There’s lots of ways to get your school  involved:

  • Organise a fun day at your School 

  • Have a free dress day for a gold coin donation

  • get creative and have a competition

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