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Facebook Change Notice


We will shortly be transitioning the 1000 Haircuts Page to Jack Reed Foundation page.   1000 Haircuts is an ongoing Jack Reed Foundation project and in the interest of simplification it makes more sense to have all the projects on the one page. 


What will this mean for you? 


Nothing really, you will notice the 1000 Haircuts Page name will transition to the Jack Reed Foundation and you will see everything you see now and more information about the other projects we do.

Full moon mediation

Donations received on the night will be donated to the Jack Reed Foundation

 September 2019

Lions Club Trivia Night 2019

 MAY 2019

 August 2019

Horsepower Hero & Show'N'Shine!

24th August 2019

100% of the funds raised from trailer cuts on the day will go to the foundation

 March 2021


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